Niagara Region Wind Farm Overhead and Underground Transmission Line

A Project

Niagara, Ontario, Canada

EPTCON Ltd. to provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 40km 115kV Overhead Transmision and 8km 115kv Underground Transmission.

Scope of Work

  • Local Minor dewatering
  • Excavation for and installation of rebar and anchor bolt cages for foundations
  • Supply and installation of steel poles, hardware, grounding and insulators
  • Tree Trimming and Tree Removal along entirety of line (as required)
  • Installation of guiderails along majority of transmission line
  • Supply, installation, termination and commissioning of Overhead conductor
  • Supply, installation, splicing and commissioning of optical ground wire (OPGW)
  • Underground Work
  • Design, Supply and Install 24kms of underground, 115kV, 2000kcmil and 5000kcmil XLPE cabling.
  • Horizontal directional drilling and push pipes in soft soils
  • Supply and installation of nine (9) joint bays
  • Supply and installation of ten (10) riser poles
  • Completion of twenty‐seven (27) 115kV in‐line splices
  • Completion of thirty (30) riser pole 115kV structure terminations (potheads)
  • Completion of six (6) A‐Frame 115kV structure terminations (potheads)

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