Guelph Cedar Transformer Station – GATR

A Project

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

EPTCON Ltd. Provided EPC services for the 230‐115kV Transformer Station in Guelph, ON.

Scope of Work

  • Civil works, grounding, cable trench and buswork systems
  • Installation of structural steel and HV equipment (Main Hyundai Auto Transformers, Fire/Sound Wall, HV Breakers, HV Switches with ground switch, CVTs, tertiary structure with VTs and 2 Station Service Transformers.
  • A&B P&C Building fully loaded with P&C Panels, DC Switchgear, Batteries/Charger, as well as ATS Building complete Eaton pole ATS
  • P&C and MV cabling and terminations
  • Preservice testing of the entire system (excluding the main transformers)
  • Engineering for the refurbishment of the existing portion of the yard which was installed by Hydro One.
  • All engineering was completed in accordance with Hydro One Standards.

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