Patrick St. Station Refurbishment

A Project

Sault Saint Marie, ON, Canada

EPTCON Ltd. provided EPC Services for the Replacement of eight (8) 115 kV Oil Circuit Breakers with SF6 Circuit Breakers.

Scope of Work

  • Replacement of 8 115 kV Bulk Oil Circuit Breakers with SF6 Circuit Breakers
  • Replacement of sixteen (16 ) associated Breaker Disconnect Switches
  • Replacement of four (4) 115 kV Line Protection Systems, Breaker Failure Protection Systems and Bus Protection Systems
  • Installation of a new 125V DC Battery System
  • Replacement and upgrading of a Double Circuit 115 kV Transmission Line Connection to the Patrick Street Station
  • Reinforcement of the Existing Steel Support Structures for the Disconnect Switches
  • Connection of the New SCADA RTU Points to System Control

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