Overbrook Transformer Station

A Project

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Engineering, procurement, removal works and new civil and electrical construction on 115kV TS.

Scope of Work

  • Replacement of two main power transformers rated 60/80/100 MVA, 115/14.2 kV
  • Reconfiguration of the 115 kV switchyard to allow connection of new 60/80/100 MVA transformers
  • Replacement of existing 145 kV disconnect switches with new ones
  • Connecting the secondaries of new transformers to the existing switchgear with new 2×2500 kcmil cable
  • Removal of existing 15 kV, 1750 kcmil PILC cables
  • Replacement of all 115 kV bus work
  • Replacement of the AC SS transformers and the associated manual transfer scheme
  • Replacement of existing 125 V DC battery systems
  • Supply, Installation and testing of 30 protection and control racks
  • Upgrade of the grounding system to meet short circuit level of 40 kA
  • Replacement of existing 15 kV, 1750 kcmil PILC cables for supply of capacitor banks
  • Installation of spill containments, fire barrier and noise attenuation measures around the transformers
  • Installation of foundations and steel structures as required for installing new equipment
  • Replacement of A and B transformer protections, gas protection, tap changer control, trip and sustained alarms and replacement of associated cables
  • Replacement of line protections.
  • Replacement o fHV breaker protection and control with new duplicated protection.
  • Replacement of LV transformer and tie breaker failure and reclosing modules and provide new control.
  • Replacement of LV capacitor protection modules and provide new control.
  • Provide control system modifications associated with the addition of new transformers T1 and T2.

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