Gunns Hill Wind Farm

A Project

Oxford County, ON, Canada

EPTCON Ltd. provided Engineering, Procurement and Construction 27.6kV Utility Interconnect Sub-station for the Gunn Hill Wind Farm.

Scope of Work

  • Installation of all grounding required
  • Installation of below grade ducts for control cables
  • Installation of and terminate all field cable
  • Installation of  revenue metering pole
  • Single motorized pole mounted load break switch
  • Installation of one outdoor circuit breaker
  • Installation of one pad mount 3 way junction box for the connection of the collector/grounding transformer
  • Supplied and installed all foundations and support steel
  • Supplied and installed 12’ x 23’ e-house including HONI telemetry and protection and control equipment.
  • Supplied and installed Utility SCADA system
  • Provided all Commissioning prior to energization

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