Gartshore Relocation

A Project

Montreal River Harbour, ON, Canada

EPTCON Ltd. provided EPC Services for a new 115 kV, five (5) Breaker Ring Bus Switching Station.

Scope of Work

  • Installation of a five (5) Bay 115 kV Structure
  • Installation of five (5), 115 kV SF6 Circuit Breakers supplied by Mitsubishi
  • Installation of five (5), 138 kV Motor Operated Line Disconnect Switches and ten (10) 138 kV Breaker Disconnect Switches
  • Design, Supply and Installation of the New Switchyard Ground System
  • Design and Construction of the New Switchyard Civil Works including Foundation, Cable Trench Systems, Site Back- fill and Fencing
  • Design, Supply and Installation of the New 115 kV Bus System
  • Design, Supply, Installation and Relocation of five (5), 115 kV Transmission Lines connecting to the New Switchyard

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