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Aylmer TS Project


EPTCON Ltd. to Engineer, Procure and Construct a 115kV-27.6kV substation.

Scope of Work:

  • Engineering
  • Civil and Electrical construction
  • Installation of 2 HV Circuit Switchers, 2 Transformers, MV Reactors, and Cap Bank
  • Supply and installation of all steel supports
  • Installation of a permanent 2 story GIS Switchgear building
  • Fabrication and Installation of 54′ PCT Building, including protection and control racks.
  • Supply and Installation of metering and telecommunications
  • All grounding, cable trench
  • P&C cabling and Terminations
  • Low voltage and High Voltage Terminations including HV Buswork

Southgate Solar SGS


EPTCON Ltd. provided EPC services for the 230 kV Solar Farm Substation located in Holstein, Ontario.

Scope of Work:

  • Civil works, grounding, cable trench and buswork systems
  • Installation of structural steel, HV equipment including main transformer, HV breaker, HV and MV switch, metering units, CVTs, cap bank, reactor, NGR, DSTATcom and associated transformers (4)
  • Supply and installation of P&C Building fully loaded with P&C panels and batteries/charger
  • Supply and installation of switchgear building complete with Powells switchgear, and station service transformer
  • P&C and MV cabling and terminations
  • Installation of microwave tower
  • Commissioning of the entire system




York Energy Center Project


EPTCON Ltd. provided EPC services for the 230 kV switchyard and interconnect to Hydro One for this 400MW Peaking Plant located in Newmarket, Ontario.

Scope of Work:

  • Complete electrical & civil engineering
  • Complete civil works (grading, excavating, foundations, backfill yard, fence)
  • Supply and installation of ground grid and cable trench systems
  • Supply and installation of structural steel, HV breakers, switches, buswork, lightning arresters, CVT’s & metering units
  • Supply of control building including fabrication, supply and installation of protection and control panels
  • Interface with Hydro One and plant to complete design and end to end testing
  • Complete testing and commissioning of the switchyard and interconnect to Hydro One

Niagara Region Wind Farm Overhead and Underground Transmission


EPTCON Ltd. to provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 40km 115kV Overhead Transmision and 8km 115kv Underground Transmission.

Scope of Work:

Transmission Line Work

  • Local Minor dewatering
  • Excavation for and installation of rebar and anchor bolt cages for foundations
  • Supply and installation of steel poles, hardware, grounding and insulators
  • Tree Trimming and Tree Removal along entirety of line (as required)
  • Installation of guiderails along majority of transmission line
  • Supply, installation, termination and commissioning of Overhead conductor
  • Supply, installation, splicing and commissioning of optical ground wire (OPGW)
  • Underground Work
  • Design, Supply and Install 24kms of underground, 115kV, 2000kcmil and 5000kcmil XLPE cabling.
  • Horizontal directional drilling and push pipes in soft soils
  • Supply and installation of nine (9) joint bays
  • Supply and installation of ten (10) riser poles
  • Completed twenty‐seven (27) 115kV in‐line splices
  • Completed thirty (30) riser pole 115kV structure terminations (potheads)
  • Completed six (6) A‐Frame 115kV structure terminations (potheads)

Niagara Region Wind Farm Substations


EPTCON Ltd. to provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 2 x 115kv Substations, 1 x 115kv Switching Station, in house manufacturing of 3 P & C buildings, and 2 x 34.5kv GIS Switchgear Buildings.

Scope of Work:

  • Civil Works (grading, drainage, excavating, foundations, backfill)

  • Supply and Installation of Ground Grid and Cable Trench

  • Supply and Installation of Structural Steel

  • Supply and Install HV Equipment including Disc. Switches, Breakers,

    CCVT’s & CVT’s, SSVT’s, Grounding Transformers and Diesel Generators

  • Assemble and Oil Fill (2) Owner Supplied Transformers (115MVA & 150MVA)

  • Supply and Install three (3) P&C Buildings & Control Panels (including PCP

  • SCADA System) and two (2) GIS Switchgear Buildings

  • Complete Testing & Commissioning Services

Overbrook TS Project


EPTCON Ltd. to replace and EPC all end-of-life 115 kV facilities of the station.

Scope of Work:

  • Replace transformers 2 main power transformers rated 60/80/100 MVA, 115/14.2 kV
  •  Reconfigure the 115 kV switchyard to allow connection of new 60/80/100 MVA transformers
  • Replacement of existing 145 kV disconnect switches with new ones
  • Connecting the secondaries of new transformers to the existing Switchgear with new 2×2500 kcmil cable
  • Existing 15 kV, 1750 kcmil PILC cables will be removed
  • Replacement of all 115 kV bus work
  • Replacement of the AC SS transformers and the associated Manual Transfer Scheme
  • Replacement of existing 125 V DC battery systems
  • Supply, Installation and testing of 30 protection and control racks
  • Upgrade the grounding system to meet short circuit level of 40 kA
  • Replacement of existing 15 kV, 1750 kcmil PILC cables for supply of capacitor banks
  • Installation of spill containments, fire barrier and noise attenuation measures around the transformers
  • Installation of foundations and steel structures as required for installing new equipment
  • Replace A and B transformer protections, gas protection, tap changer control, trip and sustained alarms. Replace cables.
  • Replace line protections.
  • Replace HV breaker protection and control with new duplicated protection.
  • Replace LV transformer and tie breaker failure and reclosing modules and provide new control.
  • Replace LV capacitor protection modules and provide new control.
  • Provide control system modifications associated with the addition of new transformers T1 and T2.

East Windsor Cogeneration Project


EPTCON Ltd. provided EPC services, including installation of 2 x 50/67/83 MVA transfomers, for a new 115 kV Transformer station located in Windsor Ontario.

Scope of Work:

  • Production of single and three line diagrams
  • DC schematics for relay protection schemes and transformer breaker controls
  • RTU communication integration with protection relays and IESO/HONI equipment
  • Line and transformer protection trip logic diagrams
  • Cable and termination schedules
  • Connection Wiring Diagrams (CWD)
  • Production of RTU point lists to communicate with HONI SCADA, IESO SCADA and plant DCS